Did The System Collapse?

Did The System Collapse?

Updated 12/3/20 @ 10:30 AM EST

LAST GRAPH UPDATE: 12/3/20 @ 10:30 AM EST.

Spot Price (Goldprice.org): $1,833.24

Physical Price (Ebay Lowest Buy Now Price From Dealer Selling Multiple Coins in quantities of more than 10) – Liberty Coin – $1,979.58

Dollar Premium: $146.34

Premium Percentage (Physical/Spot): 7.98%

Second lowest price dealer selling in quantity is SD Bullion: $1,991.19/8.62% Premium.

Since the Corona Virus Pandemic Scare started making headlines, the premium on physical gold has increased phenomenally. I used to be able to get a 1 ounce Gold Eagle for about $75.00 over spot. Now, I usually have to pay more than $200 over spot – at least until lately (see Recent Developments below).

You could have purchased a 2011 Gold Proof Eagle in Box on December 8, 2019 for $1,540.88 when the spot price was $1,459.10. This was $81.78 over spot which represented a 5.6% premium.

Times have undoubtedly changed …

Why do I call this site Did The System Collapse? Click on the About tab above for the background.

In addition to the gold physical/spot premium I am also posting updates about the physical silver premium as well as the physical gold/silver ratio.

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  • Since 8/20 the physical gold premium has remained in the 7-8% range. Clearly, physical premiums have remained subdued since the Corona virus scare.
  • The premium first went below 7% on 6/24/20 and remained there until it went below 6% on 7/1/20. It remained in the low 6% area until gold and silver started rising toward the end of July. The premium is now above 8%.
  • The premium went below 8% for the first time on 6/8/20. It danced above and below 8% for the next week or so until on 6/17/20 it settled firmly below the 8% threshold.
  • The premium went back above 9% on 5/31/20 but didn’t stay there long as the very next day it dipped below.
  • On the afternoon of 5/26/20 Pinehurst Coin offered a “daily deal” which brought the premium back under 10%. The “deal” continued into 5/27 when Liberty Coin undercut Pinehurst bringing the premium even lower It has now dipped below 9%.
  • On the morning of 5/25/20 the premium went back above 10%.
  • On 5/10/20 the premium percentage went below 10% and, despite a brief move back above (on the mornings of 5/12/20 & 5/13/20), it is now back below 10%.
  • Since 5/6/20 the premium percentage has been below 11%.
  • On 4/29/20 the premium percentage fell below 12%.
  • On 4/29/20 the premium price fell below $200.00 per ounce and has remained there since.
  • The physical premium hit a high on 4/21/20 – $232.27/13.77%
  • Notice in early April that there were several large dips in premium. These were daily dealer specials which have not appeared since.

Written by: Gregory Monte

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