Physical Silver Eagle Premium Now Over 80%.

Updated 5/17/22 @ 1:15 PM EST

UPDATE 5/17/22 @ 2:45 PM EST: Bullion Exchanges came back into the market in large quantity so the Physical Silver Premium has come way back down to 68.36%.

UPDATE 5/17/22 @ 1:15 PM EST: The Physical Silver Premium jumped above 80% this morning and continues to remain elevated. Current premium stands at $17.93/82.54%. No standard dealer has coins in quantity of more than 10, although Bullion Exchanges and DBS Coins have 10 tubes available for sale. Lowest cost in quantity is SJ Miller who has 100% positive on Ebay but I have never heard of him. Next lowest cost standard dealer in quantities of over 10, 20-coin tubes is Liberty Coin.

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