Physical Silver Availability – An Update

Updated 3/1/21 @ 12:50 PM EST

Posted by Gregory Monte.

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As I indicated in my most recent updates on the physical silver market, there seemed to be a lack of availability from Ebay dealers selling Silver Eagles. I started noticing this on 2/25:

  • UPDATE 2/25/21 @ 3:30 PM EST: An interesting situation has developed in the physical silver market. The lowest cost dealer offering 20 coin Silver Eagles in quantity is Liberty Coin @ $729.28. But the next lowest cost dealer (MCM) is offering at a price way above – $826.40. After that you will find APMEX with a price of $847.42. Is something up, yet again, in the physical silver market?

I then noted that the scarcity continued into 2/26:

  • UPDATE 2/26/21 @ 8:45 AM EST: The scarcity in the silver market continues this morning. Liberty Coin is still the lowest cost dealer offering 20 coin Silver Eagles in quantity – $714.84. Next is MCM – $814.60 followed by APMEX at $835.26.

But today the scarcity has abated somewhat:

  • UPDATE 3/1/21 @ 12:50 PM EST: The scarcity has let up a bit as now there are three dealers offering Silver Eagles in quantity in the low $700 range for a 20 coin lot. DBS Coin: $710.86 – $35.54/coin, Liberty Coin: $712.97 – $35.64/coin and Bullion Exchanges: $714.52 – $35.72/coin.

In any case, I still find interesting that there is a large jump in prices from the above three “discount” dealers to the next set of dealers who are offering prices in the low $800 dollar range.

  • MCM: $811.40 – $40.57/coin (only 16 available)
  • APMEX: $832.99 – $41.64 coin

When you consider that MCM only has 16 available lots and the APMEX price is more than $100/lot more than the “discount” dealers, it kind of makes you wonder what exactly is going on.

I will keep you posted on developments as I notice them.

3 thoughts on “Physical Silver Availability – An Update

    1. Good point. I like coins because they are more recognized in general. Even someone who knows nothing about precious metals can relate easily to a coin. But the trade off is a higher premium for sure.

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