Physical Gold Premium vs. Spot Price – A trading signal?

I just noticed that the physical gold premium and the spot price of gold are often inversely correlated. In other words, every time you would want to buy gold (when the spot price is cheaper), the premium appears to explode higher. So this throws a bit of cold water on the urge to make aContinue reading “Physical Gold Premium vs. Spot Price – A trading signal?”

APMEX Confirms Tight Physical Market for Silver

If you are interested in this issue, check out a recent interview on Palisades Gold Radio. The host talks to Patrick Yip from APMEX about the premiums on both Gold and Silver Eagles.

Physical Gold Eagle Premium Approaches 14%

UPDATE 10/19/22 @ 9:00 AM EST: The physical premium on American Gold Eagles reached 13.93% yesterday. This is higher than the premium from back during the Corona panic of 2020. The high point then was “only” 13.77% on 4/21/20. Its hard to believe that the premium was below 9% just under a month ago. SomethingContinue reading “Physical Gold Eagle Premium Approaches 14%”

Physical Silver Eagle Premium Now Over 80%.

UPDATE 5/17/22 @ 2:45 PM EST: Bullion Exchanges came back into the market in large quantity so the Physical Silver Premium has come way back down to 68.36%. UPDATE 5/17/22 @ 1:15 PM EST: The Physical Silver Premium jumped above 80% this morning and continues to remain elevated. Current premium stands at $17.93/82.54%. No standardContinue reading “Physical Silver Eagle Premium Now Over 80%.”

Physical Silver Eagle Premium Hits Record – 71.25%

UPDATE 5/13/22 @ 8:15 AM EST: The Physical Silver Premium is at the highest point since I have been keeping track (I started this website in April 2020). This premium is even higher than the one that occurred during the “silver squeeze” of late January/early February of 2021. The high point of that squeeze wasContinue reading “Physical Silver Eagle Premium Hits Record – 71.25%”

Physical Gold Premium Jumps to 7.82%

UPDATE 5/5/22 @ 7:30 AM EST: Maybe a false alarm? This morning the percentage premium has declined back to “normal” levels. Liberty Coin came in with coins in quantities over 10 and the physical premium is at 6.91%. UPDATE 5/5/22 @ 2:00 PM EST: The physical gold premium is back up to 7.84%. It mightContinue reading “Physical Gold Premium Jumps to 7.82%”

Why Does the Physical Silver Eagle Premium Continue to Remain Elevated?

If you think I have an answer to the question posed in the title of this post, I am going to disappoint you. All I do here at my website is closely monitor the situation in the physical precious metals markets. But when I see a situation like the present premium in physical silver, IContinue reading “Why Does the Physical Silver Eagle Premium Continue to Remain Elevated?”

Physical Silver Eagle Premium Continues to Spike – It’s Now at 57.83%.

UPDATE 3/21/22 @ 1:00 PM EST: The Physical Silver Premium continues to spike and has climbed over 50% – it now stands at 57.83%. The lowest price on Ebay is not even a typical dealer but he does have Silver Eagles for sale in quantities over 10 tubes. The next standard dealer with offers inContinue reading “Physical Silver Eagle Premium Continues to Spike – It’s Now at 57.83%.”

Physical Silver Premium Spikes Up to 47.51%.

UPDATE 3/12/22 @ 3:00 PM EST: The Physical Silver Premium spiked this past week almost as high as 50% – it now stands at 47.51%. It has not been this high since the Summer of 2021. The Physical Gold Premium, on the other hand, still remains quite low at 6.75%. CURRENT UPDATE: 3/12/22 @ 3:00Continue reading “Physical Silver Premium Spikes Up to 47.51%.”

Physical Gold Price Breakout Signal?

Posted by Gregory Monte. For graphs showing the physical gold & silver premiums as well as the current physical gold/silver ratios compared to spot, please go to my website: The chart which appears above shows how the Ebay (physical) price of gold differs between the lowest vs. the second-lowest cost dealer. The 90 Period Moving AverageContinue reading “Physical Gold Price Breakout Signal?”