Physical Gold Premium Jumps to 7.82%

Updated 5/3/22 @ 7:00 PM EST

UPDATE 5/5/22 @ 7:30 AM EST: Maybe a false alarm? This morning the percentage premium has declined back to “normal” levels. Liberty Coin came in with coins in quantities over 10 and the physical premium is at 6.91%.

UPDATE 5/5/22 @ 2:00 PM EST: The physical gold premium is back up to 7.84%.

It might not sound like much of premium when it comes to physical gold but I think it is noteworthy for five reasons:

  1. The physical premium has not been consistently in the 7% range since December of 2021.
  2. For most of 2022 the physical premium meandered between 6-7%.
  3. This high 7% physical premium which began on 5/3/22 continues into 5/4/22.
  4. The spread between the lowest and second lowest cost dealer on Ebay has exploded to almost 2%.
Updated 5/3/22 @ 7:00 PM EST

5. The physical gold/silver ratio has remained steady in the mid 50’s area while the spot gold/silver ratio has jumped above 80. You can really see the change when you look at the following chart. Note the upward slope of the Spot vs. Physical spread.

Updated 5/3/22 @ 7:00 PM EST

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