Physical Silver Premium Jumps to 45%

Updated 3/18/21 @ 7:20 PM EST

Posted by Gregory Monte.

For graphs showing the physical gold & silver premiums as well as the current physical gold/silver ratios compared to spot, please go to my website:

When I updated my website this evening at 7:20 PM EST, I noticed that the standard lowest cost dealer, DBS Coin, was no longer offering American Silver Eagles in large quantities any longer.

UPDATE 3/18/21 @ 7:20 PM EST: DBS Coin is no longer selling in quantities of more than 10 – 20 tube lots. The next dealer selling in quantity is APMEX at a way higher price – APMEX: $754.64 – $37.73/coin. This represents a $11.75/45.12% premium. Usually DBS Coin comes in with a lower price (in quantity) in the morning, so I will be watching to see if this is the case tomorrow. Stay tuned.

This may just be an anomaly because, as I indicate in my update, DBS Coin regularly undercuts the market on Ebay. So, I would not read too much into this – unless by tomorrow morning DBS fails to offer Silver Eagles in quantity. If this happens, then I will start to believe that we are looking at another major physical silver shortage.

Check back in the morning for another update.

UPDATE 3/19/21 @ 7:45 AM EST: DBS Coin did not come in this morning with any offers (they have no coins available) so the physical silver premium remains elevated.

UPDATE 3/20/21 @ 1:45 PM EST: Sometime over the past 24 hours, DBS Coin finally came in with a low offer for Silver Eagles which has brought the premium all of the way back down to the mid 30% range.

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