Physical Silver Eagle Premium Update – 3/30/21

Updated 3/30/21 @ 1:40 PM EST

Posted by Gregory Monte.

For graphs showing the physical gold & silver premiums as well as the current physical gold/silver ratios compared to spot, please go to my website:

UPDATE 3/30/21 @ 1:40 PM EST: While Aydin Coin came in with a low cost deal on 3/28/21, I noticed today that MCM increased its price from the low $700’s for a 20-coin tube of Silver Eagles (this morning) all of the way up to $764.40 by early afternoon. Not sure what that is all about except to say that physical inventory must be pretty tight.

Here are the Ebay dealers offering 20 coin Silver Eagle tubes in quantities of more than 10:

– Aydin Coin: $690.22 – $34.51/coin.

– Bullion Exchanges: $699.04 – $34.95/coin (Limited).

– Liberty Coin: (0 Available).

– DBS Coin: (0 Available).

– MCM: (0 Available).

– APMEX: $729.93 – $36.49/coin.

– MCM: $764.40 – $38.22/coin (50 available).

– APMEX: $835.14 – $41.75/coin.

UPDATE 3/30/21 @ 8:15 PM EST: The Spot silver price declines as the physical price increases. Very interesting. The physical premium percentage moved over 45% while the Spot price declined under $24.00. Yeah, that seems to make sense …

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