The Low-Cost Dealers Are Back! Physical Silver Premium Declines Yet Again

Updated 4/13/21 @ 9:45 AM EST

Posted by Gregory Monte.

For graphs showing the physical gold & silver premiums as well as the current physical gold/silver ratios compared to spot, please go to my website:

As I reported late last week:

UPDATE 4/9/21 @ 9:15 AM EST: The brief decline in the physical silver price earlier in the week has ended. Recall that it was the result of two new low-cost dealers who were not adjusting their offering prices based on the current spot price (like all other major dealers do). Instead, they were keeping their prices fixed. These dealers were Inheritance Precious Metals & Hannigan Coin. Inheritance has increased its price by more than $10.00/tube – $727.21. Hannigan is still steady at $729.98/tube.

Well, the low-cost dealers are back at it:

UPDATE 4/13/21 @ 9:45 AM EST: The physical silver premium has started to decline, yet again, because the two low cost dealers are not adjusting their prices for the increase in Spot: Inheritance Precious Metals & Hannigan Coin.

Here are the current dealer prices:

UPDATE 4/13/21 @ 9:45 AM EST: Because of the tight situation in the physical Silver Eagle market, I include a list of dealers offering coins for sale on Ebay. Here are the Ebay dealers offering 20 coin Silver Eagle tubes in quantities of more than 10:

– Inheritance Precious Metals (this is a new coin dealer on Ebay that I just noticed recently): $709.27 – $35.46/coin.

– Hannigan Coin: $733.98 – $36.69/coin (this company has other offers as well).

– APMEX: $756.49 – $37.82/coin.

– MCM: $790.20 – $39.51/coin (22 available).

– APMEX: $858.63 – $42.93/coin.

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