Physical Silver Premium Remains Subdued but it’s Still Almost 2x as High as in January 2021.

The Physical Silver Premium hit a low point on 1/4/21 of 15.65%. Then, with the “silver squeeze,” it shot up to 66.48% by 1/31/21. Since then it has fluctuated wildly – but has now settled into the high 20% range.

CURRENT UPDATE: 9/7/21 @ 12:30 PM EST

Spot Silver Price (ounce) – $24.33

Physical Silver Eagle Price (based on a 20-coin tube on Ebay): $31.14. Pre-sales for future delivery are not counted.

Current Premium: $6.81/27.97%

Bullion Exchanges is the lowest price dealer selling in quantities of over 10, 20-coin tubes.

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