Physical Gold Premium Back Above $200.00/ounce.

Updated 5/25/21 @ 7:30 AM EST

Posted by Gregory Monte.

For graphs showing the physical gold & silver premiums as well as the current physical gold/silver ratios compared to spot, please go to my website:

UPDATE 5/25/21 @ 10:30 AM EST: Well, that didn’t last long. APMEX came in quickly with a lower price so now the premium has declined to under $200.00.

UPDATE 5/25/21 @ 7:30 AM EST. The physical gold dollar premium is now back above $200.00. This is the first time since the middle of May where it briefly went over that mark on 5/12 & 5/14. Before that, you have to go to April to see a $200.00 premium. Once again, that was only a brief situation on several days because it could not hold above that mark for long. The last sustained time with a premium over $200.00 was from 2/3 through 3/17. Because the graph shown above is a daily graph, you can’t see that the premium moved above $200.00 intra-day several times over the past few months. This is why I also include on my website an Intra-Day graph of for gold.

Updated 5/25/21 @ 7:30 AM EST

CURRENT UPDATE: 5/25/21 @ 7:30 AM EST

Spot Price ( $1,882.21.

Physical Price (Ebay Lowest Buy Now Price From Dealer Selling Multiple Coins in quantities of more than 10) Liberty Coin: $2,102.58. NOTE: Pre-sales for future delivery are not counted .

Dollar Premium: $220.37

Percentage Premium (Physical/Spot): 11.71%

Premium for second lowest price dealer selling in quantity – Bullion Exchanges: $224.58/11.93%.

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