Physical Gold Premium is, Once Again, Back Above $200/ounce.

Updated 6/1/21 @ 12:10 PM EST

Posted by Gregory Monte.

For graphs showing the physical gold & silver premiums as well as the current physical gold/silver ratios compared to spot, please go to my website:


Since the beginning of May 2021, the physical gold premium has popped above $200/ounce four times: 5/12 – 5/13, 5/24 – 5/25, briefly on 5/26 and now on 6/1. On each of these occasions the reason for the move above $200 was the result of APMEX running out of Gold Eagles in quantities of more than ten for sale. Shortly after this occurred, however, the company always came back in with more Eagles (usually later the same day). This may happen again, but as of 12:10 PM EST APMEX has not done so.

Since I have been keeping track of the market, the record price premium was $232.27 – a figure reached way back during the early pandemic crisis on 4/22/20. At that time the percentage premium was much higher, however, at 13.77%.

UPDATE 6/1/21 @ 7:30 PM EST: True to form, APMEX came in again with coins in quantity so the physical premium has declined under 11.00%. However, the dollar premium is still over $200.00

CURRENT UPDATE: 6/1/21 @12:10 PM EST

Spot Price ( $1,902.34.

Physical Price (Ebay Lowest Buy Now Price From Dealer Selling Multiple Coins in quantities of more than 10) Liberty Coin: $2,124.64. NOTE: Pre-sales for future delivery are not counted .

Dollar Premium: $222.30

Percentage Premium (Physical/Spot): 11.69%

Premium for second lowest price dealer selling in quantity – APMEX: $233.30/12.26%.

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