Physical Gold Premium is Back Above 12%.

Updated 6/23/21 @ 8:00 PM EST

Posted by Gregory Monte.

For graphs showing the physical gold & silver premiums as well as the current physical gold/silver ratios compared to spot, please go to my website:

CURRENT UPDATE: 6/23/21 @ 8:00 PM EST

Spot Price ( $1,777.46

Physical Price (Ebay Lowest Buy Now Price From Dealer Selling Multiple Coins in quantities of more than 10) Silver Gold Bull: $1,199.07. NOTE: Pre-sales for future delivery are not counted .

Dollar Premium: $221.61

Percentage Premium (Physical/Spot): 12.47%

Premium for second lowest price dealer selling in quantities of more than 10 – Pinehurst Coin: $223.27/12.56%.

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